[Feedback] Navratri Sadhana Ritual April 2016

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And here are our lovely members that keep us motivated with their feedback and genuine comments. We are listening to your inputs and are constantly trying to improve and bring more of what you really need and rituals that will really benefit each of you in a unique way depending on what you perform the ritual for. Without all you people, we wouldn't be able to make our journey this far. There's a quote that is ought to be shared here.
"" If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together ""

Feedback for Navratri Sadhana Ritual april 2016
Feedback for Navratri Sadhana Ritual | Ashika Vyas India
Lets read few of the feedback that we received. 

Anagha Ji

Thank You Ashika Ji for this wonderful sadhana and the guidance you gave us time to time. You are an angel in our lives.

Ratna Ji

Atma namaste Ashika Ji and all Shreem members. My experience is very nice. Felt energetic, got one opportunity for voicing and that I never expected, someone's perspective has positively changed about me, gettind co-operation and appreciation.. had Amazing experiences during this navratri. Feeling blessed. Thank you thank you thank you Ashika Ji for guiding such a great Sadhana. Thanks a ton!

Binaya Ji

Thanks a ton Ashika Ji for all the guidance and showing us the path of discovering inner self.. thanks Amit Ji for all help.. thanks to all co-sadhakas for constantly motivating each other to go that extra mile

Dinar M

Thank You Ashika Ji & Amit Ji for this awesome journey. We all here are eternally grateful for your guidance and advice. 


Ashika Ji ye 10 days mein bahot positive feeling aa rahi hai. Aap se bahot kuch sekhne aur bahot kuch janane ko bhi mila. Thank you Ashika Ji & Amit Ji

Rosni Ji

Ashika Ji Thank you for giving us such an auspicious guiding and so many knowledge about all insence and their uses, yantra and best part is that different kinds of sarbats

Aishwarya Ji

I feel blessed to be part of this ceremony for 10 great days.. I never imagined I could make it this far and really grateful to Dear Ashika Ji for the detailed step by step explaination, making it so understandable & easy to follow and also grateful to you all you lovely souls who showered your love and great sharings which added to the energy of the group each day. May the divine energy in you grow with pure love and light. 


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