Akshay Tritiya Ritual April 2016

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Shreem Spiritual Group invites you for the Shreem Akshay Tritiya Samriddhi Sadhana that will be celebrated on May 07th, 2016 with lots of rituals to perform. This is the best time to make use of this opportunity and inculcate abundance and positive in our lives. These rituals performed in the given time frame give us more than expected results because the stars and planets are in the right position and aligned to give out more positive yields.

Do you know even Lighting a Simple diya can be so very effective practice that you can achieve your material n spiritual goals with it simply by adding very easily available things in n under it for best results as per your Nakshtra & Rashi. For example Let's take my Nakshtra it's ruled by Mars n Governed by Murgan Devta . So lighting a copper diya with masoor daal underneath & Teel oil with clove in it can create the magical changes in my life . 

The same way we all have different Nakshtra & different Charan . Let's explore more about it ..... know more about your way of worship in an amazing workshop. Celebrate this Akshay Tritiya with SHREEM Spiritual Group in a very different and in a very effective way . 

If Lighting a Diya in different way can change things just imagine perfect color number spice herb grain & metal can really make a difference in your worship . Anyways u do practice all rituals to Appease Mahalakshmi.  Just try it this way. 

Register for the event

The first and most important thing to do is register yourself for this event. This event will be facilitated from Shreem Spiritual Group Office,  Pune via Whatsapp Group on 07-May-2016.

Click here to register for the event

The event fee for energy exchange is Rs.2600/-. While you could spend as much time as you want doing the rituals totally up to your satisfactory time and resources, we only request you to spare as little as 15 minutes each day for the rituals. And the audio message would be sent only to the registered members in the Whatapp Group dedicated to this particular event.

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Topics covered

  1. What is the energy behind Mahalakshmi
  2. How can we virtually create Abundance & bring it to reality
  3. What simple rituals can make the new pathway for wealth
  4. How to really handle Mahalakshmi
  5. Charging, Energizing & Stabilizing Goddess energy with chants
  6. Know your Nakshtra tree & Nakshtra poojan for easier & effortless Abundance
Akshay Tritiya Samriddhi | Ashika Vyas India

Akshay Tritiya Samriddhi | Ashika Vyas India

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