Maha Shivratri Poojan Testimonials [March 2016]

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On the auspicious day of Maha Shivratri, the members from Shreem Family participate in the Maha Shivratri Poojan and here are few of the testimonials that we received.

Maha Shivratri Poojan at Shreem | Ashika Vyas India

Maha Shivratri Poojan at Shreem | Ashika Vyas India

Maha Shivratri Poojan at Shreem | Ashika Vyas India

Maha Shivratri Poojan at Shreem | Ashika Vyas India


Sapna Notwani, Pune

I had an opportunity to participate in Shivratri pooja vidhi and Ashikaji provided a big list of samagri. Initially I was confused how I will get all this as I was in office and will get time after 8pm, but the audio shared by Ashikaji was stress reliever. She mention all details about which items will be beneficial, optional and compulsory items. I arranged all of them and then started the Pooja with 5 tatvas and explanation. And the best part the meditation audio which introduced us with Shiva tatva and Sakti tatva, how we use this in our daily life and how to get benefits by merging both.
By this process I got to know my inner strength and things which I can do without anybody's support. I had some health issues these days but after the meditation around 1.30 am my mind was so much relaxed and even in morning I completely all my household work energetically and rushed to office. It was such a wonderful experience and the after effects are more amazing.

Asma Shaikh

Thanks a lot Ashika di for great and amazing pooja. It was a great pleasure performing under your guidance. Definitely I enjoyed it a lot performing it. Whatever pooja is suggested by you is very easy to perform and definitely gives maximum benefits. Thank you is very very small word to express gratitude. Thank you thank you thank you di

Anaghaji Kotkar, Pune

Thanks a loads Ashikaji for such beautiful shivratri pujan. Meditation was wonderful invoking the shiv-shakti tatwa in me. Understood the meaning of shiv and shakti in true sense making me more stable and confident.

Ratanaji Dahiwalkar

Thank you Ashika Ji for knowledge us such wonderful divine journey. Acche experience aaye, growing divinity in us ... Thanks a ton. Shayad yahi wo energy hai shiv n shakti ka union. Even I am not well fir bhi din bhar kam karke itni rat tak puja karne ki energy rahi. Guests aaye hue hai, unka sab karke puja bhi ho gayee acchese. Its really wonderful. Mere andar ki ye shivshakti jagrut karne ke liye very very thanks

Rosni Nayak, Vizag

I never did Shivaratri in my life.. This Sivaratri is my first amazing experience all about ...I never did by thinking of fasting because of health issues...even I do not have much knowledge about pooja n mantras....always thinking I cant do this lengthy process...How can I say a big big thank you to Ashikaji that you guided me for this pooja and I easily and successfully completed the pooja with the knowledge of real meaning of pooja.... The interesting portion was that the making of different types of chanting the specific mantra i did so many Siva lings with the material easily available at my Home... It gives me the knowledge that we can create divinity every where....and its not compulsory to go temple for getting blessings... I got the knowledge that the daily material we are using have unique importance in our life....Ashikaji you explained it so nicely that now I can choose or I can take the particular thing to fulfill my wishes... after abhishekam all the Shiva ling and chanting I could not have missed the temple.. it was an amazing feeling than temple atmosphere for me.... Then the explanation by you Ashikaji about Shiva and shakti who is no one but the holy spirit inside me gave me the knowledge to admire my self and rectify my weakness which I never noticed before.. A huge Thank you for this...The meditation gave me full relaxed and a nice sleep because my soul may developed the inner Shiva n shakti... Thank u for the guidance and the real explanation about the significant of this day "MAHA SHIVARATRI". It will always knock me throughout my life... Thank u for giving me a life time Subject. Love u Ashikaji and all my Shreem family.... And the Yantra I got also will give me a full time protection..... Thank you universe for giving me a connection here

Bharti Mane, Pune

Ashika tai, My son and daughter-in-law had come over weekend. So was very busy & engaged in them. Whole day I was with them. In spite of that I didn't feel tired at all and was very energetic to perform the pooja. I was privileged to be a part of Shivratri pooja vidhi. Luckily I got all the samagri. Did pooja as per the instructions. Could do such an amazing pooja only & only because of your help Tai. The procedure was so well explained by You and also you took so much efforts to send all the pics and audios. Pooja became very simplified because of that. Me & my daughter made various forms of shivling and she was also very happy to help. I was doing the meditation up to 2.30am and gave me a lot of peace. I was feeling very relaxed today morning also. In true sense it was a great MAHA SHIVRATRI Thanku thanku thanku Ashika Tai 


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