[05-March-2016] Ganesh Kriya Ritual

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What is this Ritual about?

In this ritual, we will cover one mantra, one mudra (position), one color, one divine symbol & one planet each day. Each of these benefits with healing, getting justice, wisdom & courage. All these are needed for us to have a good life. Four hawan rituals are done till the date of Ganesh Kriya. The pictures of the hawans can be seen below in this post.

How to attend and how to enroll?

Ganesh Kriya ritual starts on 5th of March, 2016. It is a invite only whatsapp workshop. If u want to enroll in this ritual, please let us know your Date of Birth and Full Name. These two pieces of information can be sent to Mr.Amit on his Whatsapp [(+91) 992 257 3333)] mentioning you would like to attend this ritual. Only after the payment of Rs.1100/- for this ritual, your name shall be registered and you would be invited into the Whatsapp group.

How to perform Ganesh Kriya?

Every day 10-15 mins for chanting mudra & color therapy is needed. One symbol with each mantra is added in this batch. Once your enroll for this ritual, a detailed guidance shall be provided through the invite only whatsapp group for this ritual and the other participants would also be willingly helping you understand each step as they have been attending this rituals for a few times now. So, even if this is the first time for you, the Shreem group will make you feel comfortable and encourage you automatically to participate and be part of it.

Testimonials from participants

We received many testimonials and success stories which we are willing to share here. Benefits of this rituals are many. Only trust & practice will create miracles.

Rosni Nayak

The step by step process of 21 days of Ganesh kriya was amazing. New learning, new experience with new internal growth in the guidance of Ashika Ji... Thank u very much for teaching  us such wonderful kriya in easy way and knowing all mudras specification also was wonderful. Total A to Z knowledge about all mudras and their effects in our life was a formula to overcome from our day to day life obstacles.... the combination of some letters, words have amazing power to change all difficulties in our life..... Thank u Ashika Ji.. I will b very lucky if I can do it again & will complete all the mudras n mantrass.

Asma Shaikh

Ganesh Kriya is a process where we chant beej mantra of Ganesh Ji with various mudras. Fantastic explanation is given by Ashika Ji. Very nice experience of ganesh kriya. I have done it three times & it gave me strength, courage and helped me a lot in forgiveness also. Very important to mention it is very easy and hardly needs 10 mins max in a day. Ganesh kriya is very very helpful and effective to get peace of mind. It also balances all the grahas of one's kundali. Thank you thank you thank you so much. And also thank you thank you Amit dada. I would like to do it every time I can.

Binaya Ji

I was part of the last batch and it was my first kriya of my life which spread over 21 days. When it started, I was not sure what I would take back with me, whether I will be able to stay focused for such a long duration... but at end of 21 days, it was such a pleasant experience, one needs to do it to feel it. 21 days looked like 2 days, I felt it should have never ended. A person like me who cannot have his food without non-veg, never did I feel the attraction towards it, the divine feeling was so nice. I would recommend it as it's worth a try.. to bring in personal transformation can we not spend 10 minutes on ourselves... I would say, we folks are lucky to have this edge, where transformation of thoughts come with such ease.

Bharti Ji

I have done Ganesh Kriya twice. The experience was really great. It has given me immense courage & strength. My self-confidence has increased. I'm able to take care of my house n children with more energy and happiness. It was a Divine Experience. Many many thanks to Ashika Tai and Amit Bhai. Would like to be a part of Ganesh Kriya again


Ganesh Kriya with mudra, mantra, colors in the way Ashika Ji explained, it was an awesome experience. Let me share what I have done... I have done dyan, dharna also chanting, but with kriya I came to know what meditation is and experienced such type of vibrations in the body. I got to sleep sound. Few beej mantras you can chant to relieve a pain from a particular point. You will get cooling & soothing effect like menthol in your brain sometimes in shoulder, sometimes in ears and once I had had the feeling of floating in the air. But guys you have to be sincere, at least do it 10 minutes a day to keep the positive energy in the group & to experience it. All these I have experienced right since my first batch. After getting these type of feelings, vibrations, energy I realized why Rishi Munis are so crazy for Himalaya. I have attended two batches so far.


Am in a fitter state of health and a peaceful mind. Dear All, sharing my experience about Ganesh kriya, my confidence has increased two fold, appetite also, clarity of mind & most importantly am able to 'Let Go'. Now I don't brood over past incidents, hurt, wrong treatments, people etc.. Also have learned to say NO. Thanks a ton Ashika Ji

Ganesh Kriya Ritual Benefits | Ashika Vyas India

Ganesh Kriya Ritual Benefits | Ashika Vyas India

Ganesh Kriya Ritual Benefits | Ashika Vyas India

Ganesh Kriya Ritual Benefits | Ashika Vyas India

Ganesh Kriya Ritual Benefits | Ashika Vyas India

Ganesh Kriya Ritual Benefits | Ashika Vyas India

Here are the pictures from Hawan

Ganesh Kriya Hawan Ritual | Ashika Vyas India

Ganesh Kriya Hawan Ritual | Ashika Vyas India

Ganesh Kriya Hawan Ritual | Ashika Vyas India

Ganesh Kriya Hawan Ritual | Ashika Vyas India

Ganesh Kriya Hawan Ritual | Ashika Vyas India

Ganesh Kriya Hawan Ritual | Ashika Vyas India

Ganesh Kriya Hawan Ritual | Ashika Vyas India
Ganesh Kriya Hawan Ritual | Ashika Vyas India


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