[Event] Full Moon Manifestation & Meditation on 21-Feb-2016

1:30:00 AM

On February 21st, 2016 we shall witness the enchanting & empowering Full Moon, also known as the Long Night Moon and this year presents us with an opportunity for reflection and preparation. This is the best time to invoke empathy, compassion and love for humanity. Enjoy this Full Moon manifestation & meditation and connect with existence....also feel divine presence within you with Eternal Love & Light.
Full Moon Manifestation & Meditation | Ashika Vyas India

Register for the event

The first and most important thing to do is register yourself for this event. This event will be facilitated at Shreem Spiritual Group Office, Pune on 21-February-2016, 5pm-9pm.

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The event fee for energy exchange is Rs.551/- which includes a Full Moon charge Crystal Tumble and a Full Moon Meditation technique to attain a peaceful n calm mind, as well as Manifest Love Harmony n Kindness in Relationship.

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Who will conduct the event?

The event will be conducted under the guidance of
  • Ms.Ashika Vyas - Renowned Holistic Esoteric Angelic Healing Guru from India
  • Mr.Amit Surana - Kshreem Purna Vaastu Consultant, Crystal Healer & Spiritual Evangelist from India
  • Mr.Abhishek Vyas - Youngest Numerologist & Youngest Law of Attraction Wealth Practitioner from India

Topics covered

  1. What is Gravitation Law of Attraction
  2. Technique to be practice for Money affinity 
  3. DNA activation for Abundance & Prosperity 
  4. Rubyzosite Cystal for Money Manifestation as its Sunday & Ruby is Suns Gemstone
  5. Full Moon Manifestation Rituals
  6. Vaastu tips 

Steps for Full Moon Meditation (30-45 mins)

  • Sit in relaxed position under Full Moon in open under sky.
  • Look at Moon for sometime with a very "relaxed loving gaze" continuously.
  • Connect with it feeling love flowing between you & Moon.
  • Then slowly feel that you are completely connected with the Moon and are receiving its Love and energies and they are completely filling up your body.
  • Once you feel that your body is filled, then slowly close your eyes.
  • Now feel that your entire body is glowing from the Moonlight inside as if you have become Moon yourself now.
  • Let this loving and soothing energy come out of your body and cover you and spread around you.
  • Open your eyes & gaze Moon, Stars, Sky, Surroundings again.
  • Enjoy this state of being for a few minutes while being connected with the Entire Sky and Stars as well Moon itself.
  • Then go to sleep in the same mode on your bed at your home....
You can sit as long as you like/wish, the whole night if you like/wish. Most important and complete point is when you feel connected with the Entire Existence as the Moon itself and become that Oneness of Divine. If that happens the purpose is fulfilled. When this meditation is done regularly, this Oneness will become more and more condensed (Deep) and fulfilling and then it will become the part of your current state of Being too.

Happy Blessed Full Moon in Divine Consciousness of your Being in Oneness with Universe. Thanks & Gratitude.


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