Significance of pouring milk on Shiv Lingam

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ॐ नमः शिवाय means “I bow to Shiva.” Shiva is the supreme reality, the inner Self. It is the consciousness that dwells in all. Shiva is your true identity- your self.

ॐ नमः शिवाय Om Namah Shivay is a very powerful mantra. It has been said about this mantra that if this mantra vibrates continually in your heart, then you might not need to perform austerities, to meditate, or to practise yoga; if you are unable to devote yourself for Yogic activities. To repeat this mantra you need no rituals or ceremonies, nor there is restriction that you must repeat it at an auspicious time or in a particular place. This mantra is free of all limitations. It can be repeated by anyone, young or old, rich or poor and no matter what state a person is in, it will purify him.

Om Namah Shivay mantra is respectfully recited by Yogis and devotees in prayers and meditation. It represents qualities of prayer, divine-love, grace, truth and blissfulness which has no beginning and end – timeless and eternal.

The powerful healing mantra ॐ नमः शिवाय is beneficial for all physical and mental ailments. Soulful recitation of this mantra brings peace to the heart and joy to the आत्मा (Soul). Recitation multiple times is sound therapy for the body and nectar for the soul – filling material body with positive energies, to elevate consciousness level.

What is Shiva Lingam?

The Sanskrit word ‘Lingam’ means symbol. Thus the literal meaning of Shiva Lingam is the symbol of Shiva. The Supreme Shiva doesn’t have a form and every form is his form. The Shiva Lingam represents him, the Supreme Shiva¸ who is formless. The way when we see a smoke, we infer the presence of fire, the moment we see Shiva Lingam we immediately visualize the existence of the Supreme Shiva.
Lord-Shiva | Ashika Vyas, India
During the creation a debate took place between the creator Brahma and the preserver Vishnu that who Shiva is. Just then this “Column of light” appeared in front of them on the Hindu month of Margasheersha and Hindu date Poornima or Pratipada. When both the Gods failed to know the real origin and end of this column, Shiva appeared in his visible form. He preached both of them the real meaning of Shiva Lingam.
He said, ” I have two form, Sakala(with form) and Nishkala(with out form). This column of light is my real form. Brahman is my Nishkala form and Maheshwara is my Sakala form.
When I come with sixteen kalas, I become Sakala and when I manifest in the crude energy, I am called Brahman. Brahman means the most enormous (Brihat) and the creator of all. Lingam depicts my formless Brahman power.
This is my Lingam (symbol). Lingam (Braman) and Lingee (आत्मा – Atman) are same, therefore the great souls should also worship me. One who has established Shiva Lingam somewhere in his life, he gets Sayujya Moksha (eternal company of Shiva).
From Vedanta - A subtle representative of God that is present in our body. Kundalini is coiled with it in three and half coils. This is what Shiva Lingam and snake coiled round depict in our temples. It shows Paramatman in the form of Atman and Shakti in the form of Kundalini.
Kundalini energy flow points | Ashika Vyas India
From Sankya - The Mool Prakriti that absorbs all the Vikriti came from it finally.

From Nyay Shastra - A source that can help us to know exactly about a matter or event. So formless Lingam represents the formless power of this universe that is the origin of all the matter and the events of this universe.

Simple meaning - Symbol that help us to know, recognize any event or matter as stated above.

It has been a common myth that Shiva Lingam represents male genital organs. This is not only false, misleading but also base less. Such misinterpretations are done in recent times and popularized to make it common, when Indian literatures actually came into hands of foreign scholars; Britishers and Muslims. They relied on extracting simple meanings of major Vedic terms used in daily life without addressing rightful context. It was difficult to interpret the language, a word may have different meaning depending on the mis-construed understanding. Some of the easy interpretation may be misleading. And such misinterpretation may actually be welcome by skeptics, if you want to find the defects in somebody else’s faith. Lingam means formless, Shiva Lingam is state of God just before manifestation of Universe.

This misunderstanding is one of the most glaring examples of such a situation. Misinterpretations of actual Sanskrit literature led to this false belief. Shiva Lingam is a differentiating mark; it is certainly not a sex mark. While the actual meaning of male genital is “shishna” in Sanskrit.

Let us know what Lingam means as per The Lingam Purana:

प्रधानं प्रकृतिर यदाहुर्लिगंउत्तम ।
गंध-वर्ण-रसहिंनं शब्द-स्पर्शादिवर्जितं ॥


The foremost Lingam which is devoid of colour, taste, hearing, touch etc is spoken of as Prakriti or nature.

The nature itself is a Lingam (or symbol) of Shiva. When we see nature, we infer the presence of its creator – Shiva. Shiva Lingam is the mark of Shiva the creator, Shiva the sustainer and Shiva the destructor. It also dispels another myth in which Shiva is considered only as a destructor.

Another authentic reference comes from Skanda Purana where lingam is clearly indicated as the supreme Shiva from where the whole universe is created and where it finally submerge.

आकाशं लिंगमित्याहु: पृथ्वी तस्य पीठिका।
आलय: सर्व देवानां लयनार्लिंगमुच्यते ॥
(स्कन्द पुराण)


The endless sky (that great void which contains the entire universe) is the Linga, the Earth is its base. At the end of time the entire universe and all the Gods finally emerge in the Linga itself.

Forms of Shiva Lingam

Shiva Lingam is worshiped in two common forms – Chala (Moveable) Lingam and Achala (Non-Moveable or Fixed) Lingam.
Shiv Lingam Meaning | Ashika Vyas, India

Meaning of Snake, Trishul, Rudraksha and Moon Donned By Shiv
Shiv Dharan Meditation Meaning | Ashika Vyas India

The Energy That Powers All Beings, Planets and Universes…Everything
Shiv Lingma Energy Flow | Ashika Vyas, India

Scientific Reason of Pouring Milk on Shiv Lingam

Shiv Lingams are placed at the most pious place, garbh griha, in temple. At this location, there is tremendous amount of positive energy flowing all around. Hindus visit the temples not just to respect Gods but also to energize themselves with positive energies.

When milk is poured on the Shiv Lingam to do दुग्ध अभिषेक (milk abhishek) the flow of positive energy starts getting accumulated towards Shiv Lingam so a person who is devotee of Bhagwan Shiv when is closer to the Shiv Lingam and bathes Shiv Lingam with दुग्ध स्नान he accepts the flow of positive energy into his body. Milk is very good conductor of positive energy. Milk of Indian cow when poured on Shiv Lingam reciting mantras- ॐ नमः शिवाय – strengthens  mind, body and inner consciousness of a person.
Shiv Lingam Milk Bath | Ashika Vyas, India
During Samudra Manthan (churning of milk ocean) a deadly poison halahal emerged which had power to spread and completely endanger life of all beings. Then all devtas requested Bhagwan Shiv to save the world from the deadly poison. Bhagwan Shiv (Mahadev) took the divine responsibility of saving everyone, he drank all the poison and conserved it on his kanth (कंठ).
Samudra Manthan Poison Shiv | Ashika Vyas, India
The magnitude of toxic level of halahal was tremendous, though it did not had any effect on Bhagwan Shiv, its heat was enormous, to calm down its impact Devtas performed Ganga Abhishek on Mahadev.

Only snakes came forward to support the divine cause of Bhagwan Shiv, they also drank and took some of the poison in their inner fangs. From that day onwards, some snakes became more poisonous.

The Milk Abhishek done by devotees of Shiv on Shiv Lingam is also symbolic representation of abhishek done during Samudra Manthan and they express their gratitude like devtas did after manthan.

Milk is gift to us from Bhagwan ….even breath, body, trees, food, air …infact everything is given by Bhagwan. When we all took birth, we all were naked…what did we bought to this world, what is our contribution to keep this world running…. nothing….because we all are negligible, we are staying alive at the mercy of Bhagwan. Who are we to question that pouring milk on Shiv Lingams is wastage of milk. Are we owning the milk, trees, places, earth or anything offered for free by Bhagwan. No … then who gave us right to only question Vedic values which are based on scientifically driven principles. And not question on evil practices of other religions (adharms), whose evil anti-Vedic concocted god likes to feed on the blood of innocent goats, cows, camels and buffaloes – wherein till date billions of innocent animals are killed just to appease this anti-God satan – killing animals is an evil act and pouring milk on Shiv Lingams is pious karma. Think over it; its easy to bash our core Hindu values which is based on Dharma but very hard to rebut with same vigour about other adharmis because they are very violent and like terrorism. The moment we start respecting our traditional values and become aggressive. All these satanic people and their terrorism will cease to exist.

|| Tan mann dhan sab hai tera
Shiv sab kuch hai tera
Tera tujhko arpan, kya lage mera ||

मेरा मुझ में कुछ नहीं, जो कुछ है सो तोर |
तेरा तुझको सौपता, क्या लागै है मोर ||

And moreover the poured milk is NEVER wasted, it is used as the charna amrit and the positively energized milk is redistributed among devotees as prasadam.  Infact, we all should be ashamed of the fact that few of our Hindu brothers and sisters do not pour pure milk but mix it with water to dilute the positive impact of the puja. We should completely trust our great culture which is into existence since time immemorial.

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